We would like to send our most sincere thank-you’s to the those who have generously assisted a-festival.

Thank you to the Foundation for Community Educational Media (FCEM) & Heinrich Böll Stiftung Southeast Asia for generously sponsoring and companying this festival. Thank you to Vietnam Artist’s Book Project & IndochinaArtsPartnership for sharing in ideas of making books as artifacts and supporting this project. Thank you to Tadioto, MoonWork, BlueBird’s Nest for the space to be together. Thank you to Zó for contributing some excitement of poetry with your special paper. Thank you Hanoi DocLab for a helping hand with documentation. Thank you to Đỗ Ngọc Minh for a generous invitation to bring poetry to Tuan Chau island.

Thank you to all friends for being here with us.

Thank you to all glimpses of beauty accumulated in an encounter.


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Our first sound bite

Dear friends,

We have received the first sound bite/sound gift from one of this year’s A Festival participants. Lý Đợi, a Vietnamese poet, has forwarded us a reading of his two poems in Vietnamese. The text in Vietnamese is not available yet, and we can talk about the quandary of making texts public in Vietnam at the festival, but for now, you might enjoy listening to Lý Đợi’s reading without any textual support? Consider it a funny song in a foreign language.

Have a great week and stay tuned for more tunes, readings and/or voices soon,

Q – on behalf of A Festival