A Festival 2017 – some visual memories of a poetic gathering|performance|moveable book feast


The happening, over the course of days, formed and dissipated like a dream. Poets, translators, editors, musicians, filmmakers and performers (including a special guest/family bartender who made drinks out of poems) were present and made our nameless festival sing.

We thank our participants, volunteers and partners for enabling poetry to travel across an array of sites in Hanoi & Saigon. We thank the caterers, the weather, the elements that give us delicious foods and festive beverages. We thank those who have submitted the following pictures so our ephemeral dream lives on in digital traces.


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[poets reading on a hanoi rooftop]

Bac Cau, October 2017Bac Cau, October 2017 1

[final throwback to the very beginning of a festival, between river and full moon]

see you at a festival, soon enough,

—  ajar voices

November 2017

p.s. to enjoy a reflection from one of our talented and tireless guest authors, Joshua Ip, please visit his collage of memories here

p.s.s to enjoy ă reflection from another one of our talented tireless translators/editors, Jake Schneider + Greg Nissan, please visit them at the SAND website. *Bonus, instead of using illustrative pictures, their reflection brings back a festival happenings through sonic matter. Check out the fun multilingual voices of many a festival poets and translators, starting at about 1:17:00 on SAND’s radio special for Berlin Community Radio also on the same website. Snippets of strange/fantastic poetry readings are mixed with radio tunes — it’s truly special.





September 2017: A-festival is BACK

A-fest fairies are quietly preparing the 2017 edition of A-festival. Please check out our blog for the program of the fest this October.

In the mean time, here are some pictures from our recent fundraiser, which took the form of a homemade “variety show” — a day & night of screenings, readings, performances, concerts, book sales & tarot sessions. We thank everyone who took the time to show, say aaaaaa with us and be present together in English, Vietnamese or otherwise.









December 2016 Update:

poetic festivities captured on film:

afestival (2016)

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And check out Abracadabra, our labor of poetry, now available on AJAR Press‘s website!

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December 2016 Update #2:

We are also honored to be featured on Cha: An Asian Literary Journal co-edited by afestival darling Tammy Ho Lai-Ming. Please check out the ninth issue of Cha which includes afestival writers’ poetry and reflection among other fantastic selections of art, fiction and review.



December 2016 Update #3: 

The Ă-fe(a)stival will take place in Hanoi 2017, co-curated by AJAR & Vagabond Press 

Stay tuned for more astonishing amorous auto-amazing Ă-fe(a)stivities!


August 2016:
A snapshot of our afestival 2016 participants:

abra - authors

A window of contributors’ names from our poetry publication, Abracadabra


A handwritten note from a-festival by Hải Yến


poster a 4

a polyphony in english (designer: Thu Ngan)

poster a 3

a polyphony in vietnamese

poster a

a words (handwritten by Quyen, designed by Thu Ngan)

a few of our fabulous contributors


First Reading at Tadioto, Hanoi, August 26, 2016


a-festival conference, August 27, 2016


Second Reading, August 27, 2016


Book Showcase, August 28, 2016

(location: at Blue Bird’s Nest, Hanoi)